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5 Hat Fashions We Hate – April Fools’ Day

We’re getting a jump on April Fools’ Day and getting in the silly spirit early. Thankfully there’s no bogus corporate announcement here, like pretending to launch a fake monthly hat subscription box service for babies – aptly named BaeHatz – or somehow mocking left-handed people by imagining a new left-handed hat style – which doesn’t even make sense, but remember the left-handed Whopper Burger King tried to sucker us with?

BaeHatz – “All-natural organic hats. Because they’re worth it”

We’re going to take a look at some ridiculous looking hats people try and pull-off. And come on, April Fools’ Day, you have no right to disrespect your head like this.


Photo by Austin Yoder / CC BY

I don’t care if you’re in Taiwan or not, there’s never an appropriate reason to wear this hat. This guy even said he was stared at while walking around the street. No kidding. If you want a straw hat, get a real one.

Photo by magic magi / CC BY

At first I thought this was a flowerpot and figured that made sense. Upon further investigation it appears to be a light fixture. That’s where my leniency ends. Ever since people started wearing lampshades everyone thinks they’re a rock star with a lamp on their head. Get rid of it.

Photo by Max Mayorov / CC BY

I can’t stand these hats. Whoever decided to make these furry hoods a trend should be forced to wear one in public. All these girls are trying to look like Japanese anime cartoons and it drives me nuts.

Photo by TheeErin / CC BY

Um, yeah. Greek Fishermen hats are a thing. Whatever this guy is wearing is not. I get the sense he’s being ironic, but he’s the one who got his picture taken and ended up on the internet, so there’s that…

Photo by Alcopop Records / CC BY

This dog is my hero. He sits so comfortable and posed, like the hat is natural on his head. Whoever knitted this certainly took considerable effort by providing ear-slits and a chin strap. The pom-pom is nice classic touch. Well played.

Do you like wearing funny hats? What’s your favorite April Fools’ Day prank? Let us know.

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