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Captain Hats

These authentic yacht and sea captain hats are the perfect additional to a maritime wardrobe. Crafted with care using high-quality materials each is truly worthy of a seafaring boat captain.

There are few items that set the captain apart from the rest of the crew quite like the captain hat. These maritime hats are an excellent gift to a boater or yatch owner, or as your own personal item, one that reflects your passion for the sea and boating. It is a classic hat that is worthy of even the most dedicated seafaring gentlemen. With a short brim for protection and nautical accenting, they capture nautical styles from the golden days of the sea.

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Captain Hats with Distinctive Style and Stature

The captain's hat is designed to represent position and rank. So, they must be styled to reflect a higher level of status. This traditionally inspired ships captain hat is an authentic fitted cap that captures the stature of a true sea captain. With real nautical touches like the braid and accented insignia, it is hard to ignore that this is the hat of a sea captain.

These hats feature the traditional olive branch and anchor crest with decorative olive branches on the brim and a thick braided accent around the front crown. A stunning and authoritative look, it really reflects the status a captain has on his ship, anything less just wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Every sailor understands the authority a sea captain maintains on his ship. It’s one of the unwritten laws of the seas. Don’t chance your ship to anything less. Buy a genuine, high quality boat captain hat to properly reflect your status as captain of the ship.

We also feature Greek Fisherman hats crafted with thehhighest quality materials in the milliner tradition.

History of the Sailor and Captain Hat

For as long as ships have sailed the seas, there have been captains to guide the them to safe harbor and if luck is in their favor, great riches. They take on great responsibility and represent the top level of authority on their boat. This type of commitment has always required special dress to signify their position. Typically, a captains hat has a brim and soft top with a thick braid and accent to signify higher rank. Meanwhile, sailors caps were simpler, they had short brims or no brim and came in white and in some cases, a simple insignia of an anchor or other nautical symbols.