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Costume Hats

Costume parties, masquerade balls, Halloween celebrations, premieres of beloved science fiction films — opportunities abound for those who enjoy dressing in costumes, portraying favorite characters. While the initial image of a costume may well be something ghoulish or terrifying, the fact is that costumes take a wide variety of forms, many of which simply employ items of apparel that have a vintage look. Among those are costume hats.

Using hat styles associated with specific professions, legendary celebrities or even those whose infamy makes them memorable, both men and women personify characters or real people who are clearly recognizable. Often a costume hat becomes the piece de resistance for the costume, lending credence to the overall look. In combination with the garments selected, the hat evokes an era, a place and even an ambience closely affiliated with the person being portrayed.

Indeed, sometimes a hat alone is all that is needed to lend a costume authenticity, immediately conjuring the image of the person being portrayed. Regardless of the type of costume needed, there’s a hat for that.