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Easter Hat – Sunny Spring Styles

Whether you’re going to church, or just hoping around a field looking for eggs, everyone is in the Easter spirit. Church hats, Easter hats, and spring hats are a great time to shake off the winter doldrums, and get in the habit of wearing those big floppy hats.

Easter says to me: “I want to wear a big floppy hat with a bow.” This Jeanne Simmons hat does just that and more. The natural Earth-tone colors will match your spring wardrobe and is a good choice for any face shape or skin-tone. This hat is the best.

Sometimes we want something that reminds us of the Victorian era. For that timeless elegance, this Jeanne Simmons hat is a great option. It’s pleasantly light, made of a light nylon, and the flower is so perfectly represented and balanced, it looks great on any head.

Sometimes ginormous floppy hats can be irritating, especially when everyone has one. If attending church on Sunday, be polite to the patrons in the row behind you by wearing this hat. This bucket hat is perfect with a whimsical bow. It’s very pretty and will flatter any face.

We’re in full support of pink, especially for Easter. This pink Bretton hat is made of a generous toyo straw you’d swear it’s cotton. We love this perky hat, the way the brim comes up all around, and the fancy little strap for a bow.

If straw isn’t your thing, we recommend this floppy Jeanne Simmons inspiration in pink. You probably have a loose satin dress that matches this hat already, making it an easy and carefree choice for your wardrobe.

Next up, this Stetson super wide brim straw hat is in order. These are great all around spring and summer hats, able to wear them with ease in warmer weather and help tremendously with shade. The black hatband bow is a classic feature too, that is guaranteed to flatter any smile.

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What will you wear this Easter?

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