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Flat Caps, Newsboy, Ivy & Driver Hats

Flat Caps for Men & Women

*Buy one Flat Cap get the second Flat Cap 50% Off offer only valid on Walrus Brand Flat Caps. Discount Applies to any hat equal or lesser in value. Timeless, understated and nonchalantly masculine in their sophistication, flat caps are the quintessential caps for men. A distinctive silhouette characterizes the flat cap, offering a sleek combination of deceptively simple design and smoldering good looks. It’s the very low crown and rounded shape, along with a small, stiff brim, that make these hats such hot fashion statements, lending themselves to practically any sartorial taste. Universally flattering, these are hats for men motivated not by fashion’s whims or pretenses but rather by complete confidence in their own choices. In short, the flat hat is for the man who is comfortable in his own skin.

He’s a relaxed type of man, the kind who is as much at ease watching a football game or playing a round of golf as he is camping under the stars or cruising the Mediterranean. Moreover, while fashion may not be his priority, this man has style. He knows what works for him, what looks good and feels great. Far more than a mere fashion statement, flat hats often become integral to this man’s personal style, a part of his persona, so to speak, underscoring his seemingly effortless fashion sense. For him, the flat cap may well be a signature piece so closely associated with his overall look that he just wouldn’t look like himself without it.

Also known as ivy caps, golf hats, newsboy hats and driving caps, among other names, each flat cap represents a slight variation on a common theme: low-profile, decidedly cool hats for men. No wonder these hats are always fashionable.