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Fun Hats of Fallout 4

In the wide world of RPGs, Fallout 4 stands above the rest. An engaging tale of post-apocalyptic life in far-far-far-in-the-future Massachusetts (2287, to be exact), the video game has spawned a serious following. It’s a twist of fate that one of the most widely exalted pieces of armor in the game is the humble hat. There are many styles of hats used in the game, ranging from dapper to sporty to downright quirky.

So what’s the look of choice when you’re a character in one of the most beloved games on the planet? It’s actually not so much about fashion in 2287—although we’d argue that fashion _has_ to be a big deal in a world where we assume absolutely anything goes. The hats of Fallout 4 fame offer some serious functionality, too, in the form of damage protection or modification abilities that add defense mechanisms to their designs.

Where does the functionality end and the fun begin? Well, it’s _all_ fun if you’re a Fallout 4 junkie. There are, however, some pieces of Fallout 4 headwear that are designed solely for cosmetic wear—that is, they look awesome and add some crazy-good, eye-catching style to your virtual look, but they aren’t about to save your life. What’s the most fun of the bunch? It would be impossible to narrow it down to a single hat, but consider these offbeat options the next time you’re in another world.

Historic Headwear

Captain Ironside HatChannel your inner Royal Navy hero with Captain Ironsides, an 18th-century lieutenant’s hat that offers boosts of Charisma and Perception. The Militia Hat, too, makes more of a style statement. It was worn during the American Revolution, and although it’s not protective, it too boosts Charisma. There’s also another sharply designed lieutenant’s hat, another Charisma booster. By the time this is all over, you’ll be the most charismatic player in the post-apocalypse.

Let’s Get Crazy

Mascot HatThe beauty of wearing a hat, at least in real life, is that it can really change up your look in a heartbeat. The same can be said for the rather quirky headwear options available to players. The mascot head, for example, is actually a Fallout 4 hat and mask in one. A portion of the head is torn off, which allows your player’s face to show. And if you’ve always said you should have been born in the 1950s, the Fallout 4 pompadour wig makes a great addition to your ever-growing headwear collection.

Codsworth Bowler HatMaybe you are in the mood to give everyone’s favorite Mr. Handy robot, Codsworth, a bowler hat. Yes, this has been confirmed in gameplay that you can equipment Codsworth with a very stylish, non-radioactive, bowler hat from the everyday season of the Fallout 4 hat collection. We all love you Codsworth, but please, do not try to shake my hand.

The Fast and the Functional

Armored Ballistic Weave Trilby HatThen there are the Fallout 4 hats that really make all the difference. They amplify the ol’ wardrobe, sure, but they also serve very specific purposes that could even change the direction of the game for some players. Take, for example, the Synth helmet. This is Very Essential Headwear, as any avid Fallout 4 player will tell you. It offers Energy Resistance of 11 and Damage Resistance of 9\.

If you’re searching for the perfect Fallout 4 ballistic weave hat, you need to set your sights on the classic trilby. It boosts Charisma, and when modified with ballistic weave, it goes in defense of the Sole Survivor. Equipped with a front-facing flashlight, the mining helmet provides Damage Resistance of 3—and it’s also available in a handful of interesting color variations. And far be it for us to suggest wearing unclean headwear, but there’s something to be said for the Fallout 4 dirty fedora. It offers a little something that everyone in the post-apocalyptic world can use: a stroke of 1 Luck.

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