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Gambler Hats

Gambler Hats

Gambler hats have style. Perhaps it’s their association with the iconic character Rhett Butler from the classic film “Gone with the Wind” that accounts for their cachet. Maybe it’s their selection by equally suave contemporary artists such as Justin Timberlake that imbues them with an extra measure of cool chic. Either way, Gambler-style hats are the choice of men whose understated self-assurance defines their style. The man who wears a Gambler hat draws admiring glances without even trying.

Believed to have derived their name from its use by riverboat gamblers — who, hoping to be seen as wealthy landowners, emulated plantation owners’ fashion — Gamblers have remained a favorite among the wealthy and the everyday man alike. It lends its panache to any suit while also providing protection from the sun along with cool ventilation for those working outdoors and those simply enjoying open-air activities. In short, the Gambler is stylishly versatile.

It’s the construction of the hat that distinguishes it from other designs. Devised of sisal straw, wool felt or leather, among other materials, a Gambler hat is a smaller version of a cowboy hat, often featuring a slight upturn to its smaller brim as well as a lower crown with a distinctive oval silhouette, all of it bespeaking confident style. The fact that the straw versions are open-weaved hats is decidedly cool in every way, making this one of the go-to hats for summer.

Together, all of these elements explain the allure of the Gambler. Our selection of gambler hats for sale is of the utmost in quality and appeal for today’s fashion.