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Homburg Vs. Fedora Hat


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Trying to figure out if you should wear or buy a Homburg hat or a Fedora? Wondering what is the difference between a Homburg Vs. a Fedora hat?

Many wonder the same thing because the two popular hats look much alike and have much history in common. They can easily be confused. But there are distinct differences between the two.

What is the Difference Between a Homburg Vs. Fedora Hat?

There are a few simple style differences between the homburg and fedora. A fedora hat has a low profile, narrow to wide brim and usually sports a sharp taper in front with pinches on either side. It either has a center dent or round top capping the tear-drop shaped crown. The homburg has a slightly different crown shape and brim. Homburg hats have more rounded crowns. Even though they have an oval shape, when looking at one from the front they appear more rounded than a fedora. They also have a center crease on the top and the brims are curled up on the edges.

Homburgs and Fedoras have a few main style differences like crown shape, brim shape and taper.
Homburgs and Fedoras have a few main style differences like crown shape, brim shape and taper.

Historical Differences Between Homburgs and Fedora Hats

Besides how they look, fedora hats and homburg hats have other historical differences. The homburg hat is the one worn by Winston Churchill during his heydays in WWII. It was also the hat worn on the inauguration of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Typically, top hats were the hat worn during inaugurations up until this time.

Scala WF545 homburg hat
A homburg hat has a center crease, a more rounded crown with a curled brim.

black fedora
A fedora typically has a sharp taper in front, low profile, more teardrop shaped crown and the brim is not always curled.

History of the Fedora and Homburg Hats

Fedoras and Homburgs have historical similarities as well. Both the Homburg and Fedora became popular in the 1890s. The homburg rose to fame after Edward VII brought one back from his trip to the City of Bad Homburg in Germany. The Fedora became popular after it was in a play named Fedora, in which the main character wore one.

Both homburg hats and fedora hats rose to popular culture icons in the 1930s. Gangsters, actors and more high-profile elites favored them both. The difference is that the fedora has really held onto its popularity. It’s style and fashion has endured slightly longer and appeals to more people today.

That is not to say that Homburg hats are not stylish—quite the contrary, they are indeed very stylish for those who appreciate a high-culture, aristocratic style.

Those are the major style and historical differences between two of the most popular hats around–the Homburg and Fedora Hat. Each one has its own character and fashionable style. It’s up to you which one suits you best.