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Hats For Rain

When you go out in the rain, does your hair spring up into a wild head full of out-of-control frizz? Maybe strands drag against your face like limp noodles. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who still looks gloriously chic even with damp locks. Whatever happens to your hairdo in the rain, you can still look great and protect your style with weatherproof hats.

Don’t get caught in foul weather without some type of head covering. Hats for rain can be stashed in your purse, bag or briefcase for those unexpected storms. They come in a wide range of silhouettes and materials, making it easy for you to stay dry and comfortable without looking like a duck in a puddle.

Although baseball caps might be some of the most popular hats worn today, they aren’t ideal for wet weather. They get soggy quickly, and the brim doesn’t provide full protection for your back and shoulders. Visors might not be the best bet when the skies have opened up. Although they’ll keep raindrops off your face, they won’t do much to keep your hair dry.