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Hats For Weddings

There is virtually no event more eagerly anticipated than a wedding. The very concept evokes joyous remembrances. So it is with all this in mind that many guests attend a wedding dressed in their finest, not just in homage to the bride and groom but also as an expression of respect for all that the day symbolizes, not the least of which is tradition. Naturally, this tradition extends to the dress hats worn by wedding party members and wedding guests alike.

At once a nod to that tradition and a fashion statement, wedding hats are an important part of the occasion’s attire, augmenting and accenting the total look. Moreover, just as the formality of the wedding and its venue influence the selection of appropriate attire, encompassing such details as the length of women’s dresses as well as whether the men wear suits or tuxedos, so does it determine the suitability of the dress hat selected. Equally important is the seasonal impact on wedding hats, with wool felt and fur felt being the materials of choice for winter weddings. Ultimately, there’s a dress hat to complement both the level of formality of the wedding and the personal style of the wearer.