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Heisenberg Hat - Breaking Bad Walter White Hat Styles

Step into character with our unique Heisenberg hat selection. This is the same style hat worn by Walter White in Breaking Bad the TV series. You'll look razor sharp in this hat—or in any of our pork pie hats. This is an authentic hat, with its own character. A real original, it looks just like the Breaking Bad hat with the telescopic crown and black hat band with ribbon. Yet it still retains its own style and individuality, which Walter White would approve of. Breaking Bad remains arguably one of the most iconic television shows ever aired, and Walter White's transformation into a drug king pin is possibly one of the most memorable and immersing portrayals on screen. Portray yourself in this Walter White hat and get in character. Or, view more pork pie hats and buy one that accents your unique, dark and complex character. Fashionablehats.com and our hat selection are not affiliated or endorsed by AMC or any entities thereof.

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