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Homburg Hats

Homburg Hats offers a hat option that provides style and flair for men of any generation. Homburg Hats for men are traditionally crafted from stiff wool, fur or felt, featuring a grosgrain hatband and appropriate brim trim for just a dash of color. The first person of note to wear a Homburg was Edward VII following a trip to Bad Homburg in Germany. This hat style is less formal than a top hat, although considered a formal rather than casual style of hat. One special characteristic that is recognizable is the single dent that travels across the center of the hat.

Fans of Francis Ford Coppola's Oscar-winning film , "The Godfather", immediately recognize the classy Homburg Hat as the head covering of choice for Al Pacino's lead character, the widely respected and feared Don Corleone. Other celebrities who have demonstrated their affinity for wide brim Homburg Hats have included British Prime Ministers Sir Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who selected it for his inauguration instead of the traditional top hat, and hip-hop music stars Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy and Notorious B.I.G, all of whom made Homburg dress hats an important part of their fashion wardrobe.