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March Madness Hats – Mascot Favorites

We compiled a list of our favorite March Madness hats competing in this year’s tournament and set out to determine the best hat in college sports. With the NCAA Basketball Tournament upon us, we realized how expertly dressed some of the mascots truly are.

Photo by Brian Leon / CC BY

Top Hat – Demon Deacon – Wake Forest

The top hat worn by the Wake Forest Demon Deacon is arguably the most recognizable hat in college athletics. Early versions of the mascot were called the “Baptists,” or “The Old Gold & Black.” It wasn’t until 1941 that this top hat took the field, when fraternity brothers were looking for a more dignified version a mascot, and sought out the inspiration of what an old Baptist Deacon would wear. The iconic stovepipe has stood ever since.

Photo by John Martinez Pavliga / CC BY

Beanie Cap – Duck – University of Oregon

The University of Oregon wasted no time when deciding on their mascot, going straight to the most prolific animator of our time, Walt Disney. Used under a special licensing agreement, the O’s mascot is based off Donald Duck. The Oregon Duck wears a very cheeky green and yellow beanie with the logo “Oregon” stitched on the front.

Photo by MGoBlog / CC BY

Irish Country Hat – Leprechaun – Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s mascot wears an Irish country hat, often called an Irish walking hat. In 1965 the Leprechaun was named the official mascot, before then Irish terrier dogs were used. The Fighting Irish mascot can often be seen wielding a shillelagh too, an Irish striking weapon.

Photo by Gainesville Apartments / CC BY

Baseball Hat – Gator – University of Florida

What better way to fashion your mascot than to wear the same item thousands of raving fans are wearing – the baseball hat. While both Albert and Alberta can be seen together at football games, Albert typically splits from his lovely partner to cheer on men’s basketball. Alberta is not far behind, however, often spotted at women’s events like gymnastics and women’s basketball. We only wish more schools had clever female counterparts and could wear that lovely bow.

Which of the March Madness hats deserves to win the tourney? Comment below to root for your favorite team.

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