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Australian Outback Hats for Men & Women

Simply mentioning the Australian Outback conjures images of open spaces, beautiful mountain ranges and kangaroos everywhere. A rough-hewn lifestyle replete with the scenic backdrop of a desert landscape is what naturally springs to mind. In fact, with a switch of cattle for kangaroos, the outback offers a panorama reminiscent of the American west. So, it stands to reason that Aussie outback hats and cowboy hats would have a few features in common.

Not the least of these commonalities is the hats' inherent ability to shield wearers quite ably from the harsh elements of intense sun, scorching heat and sudden, heavy rainstorms. In short, both hats are part of the protective accoutrement of ranchers. Serving a myriad of other uses, from a repository for fresh drinking water for horses to a fan and a fly swatter in the heat of the day, the outback hat and cowboy hats share these qualities as well. However, therein lies the full extent of their similarities. In so many other ways, the outback hat is a style unto itself. Please take a load off and browse our selection of outback hats for sale.