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Pith Helmet Hats

Lightweight and cloth covered, pith helmets have had myriad uses from the beginning. Worn by European military stationed in hot climates, for example, they served as sun protection. Likewise, their cool comfort in sizzling climes made them the hat of choice for explorers in Southeast Asia, Africa and the tropics. In fact, this ability to transcend extreme temperatures may well be the reason the pith helmet has so many monikers, including sun helmet, safari helmet and topee.

Today, hat shoppers still find pith helmets for sale as sun protection. As one of its names implies, it’s the hat of choice for safari tours, yet it’s a great accompaniment to other outdoor activities as well. Not just for men, these hats also are worn by women, offering equal respite from the sun’s intensity and heat. While they are available in a variety of fabrics, from camouflage motifs worn in tropical settings to sleek khaki styles, among others, it’s all a matter of personal style. Consider which style suits you: