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10 Adorable Dogs & Puppies in Hats

With National Puppy Day upon us, we found it appropriate to celebrate our favorite puppy and hat combos on the internet. Yes, we even threw in some older dogs. They earned the right to be here too!

Today everyone is dressing up dogs and sticking them in cute costumes. Obviously the next step is to provide a hat. Humans wear hats, dogs should too, it’s only natural. Plus it makes them look incredibly stylish, and viral internet gold – and that’s the goal right?

1. Dachshunds in Sailor Caps

Dachshund in Sailor Caps
We are no stowaways

We are ready to set sail and go an adventure, but first, you must stare at our immense cuteness for hours. That’s an order!

2. Rottweiler in Breton Cap

Rottweiler in Breton Cap
That was a long night

This little Rottweiler puppy knows how to sport a fashionable breton cap. Shirts or pants? No way, but i’ll wear a great hat anyday.

3. Dachshund in Cowboy Hat

Dachshund in Cowboy Hat
reach for the sky! or don’t.

What else is there to say in how adorable this Dachshund is in his cute little brown cowboy hat featuring a horseshoe on the front of the hat.

4. Doberman Pinscher in Tyrolean Hat

Doberman Pinscher in Tyrolean Hat

I think this poor little guy had enough!

5. Bull Dog in Trilby Hat

Bulldog in Trilby Hat
This is the life!

I sent my human out to get me some treats for later. Sometimes, you have to remind them who’s the boss. This brandy sure is delicious and the cigar isn’t bad neither. I do love my Trilby hat, and it’s sized just right!

6. Golden Retriever puppy & Safari Hat

Out all-time favorite is this adorable golden cocker spaniel. He’s just sitting back and chilling in this safari hat, without a care in the world. We like to think he’s just spent the day in the Serengeti chasing after lions and wildebeests. We hope his owner is named Dr. Livingstone. That feels right, I presume.

Photo by Richard Munckton / CC BY

7. Chocolate Lab in Chef’s Hat

Chocolate Lab in Chef's Hat

Shall we make a delicious dish together? Nah I prefer to go solo.

8. American Eskimo puppy & Straw Fedora

This handsome American Eskimo sure knows how to dress. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen him down at the local haberdashery getting fitted for a tux as well. He’s smart too, going with the straw fedora. This timeless style will keep him cool and classy.

Photo by ccho / CC BY

9. Pug puppy & Top Hat

Pug! Who doesn’t love a pug? This is the all-time best party animal – he’s always up for a good time. This little cutie here is all dressed up for Marti Gras wearing a top hat. He’s such a great little companion piece. We’re sure you can tuck him under your arm and party the night away on Bourbon Street, and this little trooper wouldn’t mind one bit.

Photo by DaPuglet / CC BY

10. Chihuahua puppy & Sombrero

Every chihuahua looks perfectly at home when you drop a miniature sombrero on their head. Not to mention this is like one of the top-selling hats for dogs. Everyone thinks they’re a comedian when plopping the Mexican inspired hat on this Latin dog breed. But we do agree, he is completely adorable and wish we had one too. We’d be taking pictures of him all day long, and of course we’d name him Speedy Gonzalez.

Photo by Jose Antonio Tovar / CC BY

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