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Stingy & Small Brim Hats

In 2010, the New York Times called the short brim hat “so in, it’s got to be out.” However, these hats with flat crowns and small brims have been trendy since 1887, when actress Sarah Bernhardt played Russian royal Fédora in a play by the same name. They soon made their way into the Golden Age of Hollywood. Key players in show business, such as Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and Alicia Keys, have made these types of straw, wool and fur hats signature accessories even today.

Fedoras are just one version of small brim hats. Originally, the term referred to the hat’s material. Any headwear that was made from soft felt is technically a fedora. Nowadays, the word has come to indicate a particular shape. Even those guidelines are somewhat blurred, though.

Other stingy brimy hats fall along the same style lines. Trilby hats and homburgs are sometimes mistakenly called fedoras. Bucket hats and panama hats, which are often worn to block the sun, also have that debonair vibe. Pork pie hats have been associated with music movements like jazz and ska. This is a versatile look that works well on just about everyone.