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Spring Hats

The sunshine and warmth of springtime just seem to beckon to those who enjoy including hats in their wardrobes, especially after the cold and dreary days of winter. What better way to respond to that invitation than to get out and enjoy the best of what spring has to offer. Of course, this includes spring fashions. Filled with vibrant color, striking patterns and — perhaps more than any other season — nature-themed ornamentation, spring fashions provoke have a light-hearted exuberance unmatched by fashions of any other time of year.

Nowhere is this more evident than in hats for spring. First, there are the colors of spring. From soft shades of yellow, pink and blue to bolder shades of purple, gold and even orange, along with a variety of neutral and natural tones, the myriad hues of spring hats are a harbinger of things to come in summer hats.

Then there are the styles. Take spring hats for men, for example. With lighter-weight materials leading the way, Panama hats and fedoras devised of straw or raffia are front and center while cotton and even linen styles in golf and boating hats are popular spring selections as well. Meanwhile, women also have a wide variety of spring options at their disposal, from pretty cloche hats to wide-brim hats adorned with ribbons and spring flowers.

To put all of this in perspective, several spring events provide perfect backdrops for spring hats. Even better, these hats enhance the joy of the events.