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Star Wars Day – May the Fourth Hat Ideas

Star Wars Day is May 4th, as in “May the Fourth be with you.” All around the world, people are throwing parties and getting dressed up at work. Instead of wearing a normal flat cap or fedora around the office, we’re looking at some fun and interesting ways to celebrate the day. Now you can declare your true allegiance to the Star Wars universe in style.

Star Wars Day
Photo by Theme Park Tourist / CC BY

Luke Skywalker’s Red 5 helmet is the ultimate Star Wars fanboy accessory. This is the helmet he wore while piloting an X-wing and destroying the first Death Star. We like this helmet because it’s not super obvious to an outside observer that this is a Star Wars hat, but to the die-hard fans they recognize it immediately.

Star Wars Day
Photo by Nathan Rupert / CC BY

This guy’s got the right idea. You don’t need to go into full regalia with your outfit, all you need to do is plop a Storm Trooper hat on. We love the style elements here as he’s matching with a white suit and complementing jet black t-shirt. This is a great look.

Star Wars Day
AT-AT Driver

If you do want to wear a full head-to-toe suit, one of our favorite ideas is an Imperial AT-AT Driver. To the casual observer it looks like a Storm Trooper. But once you launch into what an AT-AT is, and that famous cinematic experience of Luke Skywalker tripping those bad boys, people will know you’re a true fan.

Star Wars Day Kids

Star Wars Day
Photo by CreeHawk / CC BY

Kids aren’t left out of the May the Fourth celebration. They should definitely dress up on this day and wear something fun to school. Speaking of school, it should be canceled, as this is a national holiday. But if your kids still need to study, send them off properly in this knitted Yoda cap. The coolest kids, they will be.

Star Wars Day Pets

Star Wars Day
Yoda Dog

If you have pets, especially a pug or a French bulldog, it should be mandatory for you to dress up your furry friends. The only trouble you’ll have, however, is choosing which side to represent – dark or light? You have all sorts of options in the Star Wars universe: Princess Leia, Chewbacca, an Ewok, Jawa, the options are near endless.

Here we have two handsome fellas. One is dressed like Yoda, while the other is Darth Vader. It’s a true battle for the force.

Star Wars Day
Photo by Petful / CC BY

Let us know how you ended up celebrating Star Wars Day. Tag us in your photos. We love to share.

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