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Straw Pork Pie Hats for Men

Looking for a high quality straw pork pie hat for men? Our selection includes some of the finest and stylish designs to keep you looking great, while keeping your head cool & comfortable. The most popular materials used includes milan, panama and coconut straw. Milan straw hats are braided by a very fine and delicate process from wheat, only grown in certain parts of the world. Even the soil the wheat is grown can have a difference in the overall feeling of the hat, which includes the texture and color.

Now, Panama straw hats are typically made and harvested in Ecuador from a tree knows as the Toquilla Palm. The weaving process is always done by hand and can take anywhere from weeks to months to create these hats. It's mainly due to how fine the weave is done. The finer the weave and time spent to make, the higher the grade. Keep in mind, not all panama hats follow the grading system perfectly, but generally, higher the grade, the higher the quality of hat. Then again, it can come down to personal preference in which grade one prefers.

A distinct feature in pork pie hats is the stingy brim that goes all the way around the hat. Black, white and brown are the most common colors for pork pies and are the safest choices when trying to match attire. If you are looking for XXL sizes, please feel free to contact us. Fashionable Hats is where to buy the best straw pork pie hats!