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The Kangol 504: Stylish Upscale

What is the Kangol 504?

The Kangol 504 is Kangol’s most popular and well-known flat cap. It is similar to the Ascot hat, a traditional, soft flat cap worn in western Europe. It has a distinctive, round shape with a short brim and comes in a range of colors, fabrics and styles. The name comes from the hat form used to make this uniquely shaped cap—form 504.

Enjoy hip style with the Kangol 504.
Enjoy hip style with the Kangol 504.

Kangol 504 Tropic

One of the more popular Kangol 54 caps is the Tropic, made of knitted polyester fabric that is cool, stylish and light. This is one of the most popular Kangol hats and it’s really the brand’s icon. Recognizable round shape, celebrity style has never been more comfortable and unique. Express yourself and up your game with the 504 Tropic.

Kangol 504 Tropic is a stylish, unique flat cap that truly ups your fashion game.
The Kangol 504 Tropic is a stylish, unique flat cap that truly ups your fashion game.

Kangol 504 Ventair

The iconic Ventair, a knitted fabric pattern makes the cap even more stylish and breathable. With the Ventair you get a hat that has both a unique shape and a decorative outer band of fabric with a knit-in pattern. This texture gives it extra style and it breathes—perfect for summer weather.


More Kangol 504 Hat Styles

There are many other versions of the 504 Kangol including the Bermuda, an extremely stylish cap that combines soft, textured Bermuda fabric in the 504 shape. The Ripstop Flexfit and Mesh Stripe are two more unique and popular versions of the 504.

Kangol 504 Wool

The Kangol 504 wool cap is a true mark of style and sophistication. It’s seamless shape is clean and sporty while the wool fabric gives it a refined texture. Made for those who want the best of both worlds, this cap is prefect for cool Fall days and Spring afternoons. Definitely one to add to your collection.

You can’t really go wrong with this 504 hat from Kangol. The style is so refined and time-tested, it’s a sure thing with just any ensemble. The hip-cred is also off the charts with such celebrity endorsements from Samuel L Jackson to Brad Pitt to a host of hip hop elites, its one hat that everyone should put in their wardrobe.

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