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How to Wear a Flat Cap – A Beginner’s Guide

How to wear a flat capAre you wondering how to wear a flat cap? If you don’t fancy hats, or have only worn a baseball hat, we’ll take the guesswork out for you. People like the flat cap because it’s still sporty, much like the baseball hat, but not too formal like a fedora. Before you run out and buy any old thing, there are a few rules you must observe to avoid looking like a duffus.

First and foremost, if you don’t know how to wear a flat cap, then don’t pick the wrong size. Too big or too small will look weird. An ivy cap should fit like a baseball cap. It should be gently snug around the sweatband, without being too tight. There should be extra room in the crown too, as you don’t want the fabric stretching tight on your head.

Second, and this is for all you people who think you’re cool: don’t wear a flat cap backwards. I feel like every time I go to an open mic night there’s a guy wearing a backwards cap. Knock it off. Listen, if you’re rich and famous you can do whatever you want. But until then, the rest of us are just trying to make our way in the world, so turn the hat around and wear it properly – forward.

How to Wear a Flat Cap – Picking One

If you’ve never worn an ivy cap before, pick a really standard flat cap like this one. Herringbone stitch is timeless, classic, and matches everything. Then if you fall in love with the flat cap craze, you’re going to need to collect them all. There are so many varieties and different patterns, that you’ll be able to match any outfit with one.

How to wear a flat capAs a general rule of thumb for how to wear a flat cap, I personally don’t recommend you get too matchy-matchy. If your hat is the same exact color or print as your shirt, that just looks like you tried too hard. Or if you wear too many steampunk type accessories, like this monocle, you’ll look obnoxious and no one will be your friend. The look you’re going for is, “I just threw this on my head and walked out,” sort of style. Don’t try too hard with flat caps, they already make a strong statement by themselves.


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