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Wide Brim Hats

Wide Brim Hats for Women & Men

All hats listed have a minimum of a 3 inch brim. From cute Bretton hats to fashionable straw fedoras, this summer's headwear trends are as much about style as they are about staying protected from the sun. Wide brim hats are particularly popular going into this summer season thanks to their ability to bring both fashion and function to an outfit. No matter your style preferences, you'll find that wide brim sun hats are a perfect wardrobe choice. Available in an array of styles and colors, these versatile hats let you show off your carefree spirit while protecting your skin from the hot summer sun.

Hats have long been spring and summer must haves for men and women of all ages. It's true that baseball hats in particular have long been associated with the spring and summer months, but these sporty favorites just don't deliver when it comes to sun protection. After all, such hats only provide protection for your eyes. They leave your neck and shoulders exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays. There are simply no such worries when you opt for wide brim sun hats.