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Fashionable Hats. Our name says it all. We have the best collection of fashionable and fun hats anywhere. From the rugged Stetson cowboy hats to the fun and floppy sun hats, we have everything that you might need to find that fashionable and functional accessory. We keep you updated on the latest hat style trends, while keeping hat options affordable. We work with some of the best hat manufacturers in the world to ensure that you are getting the best quality hat. Our customers are what has made our company successful for the last 15 years. We know you are going to look fashionable!


If you are looking for the widest range of a man’s hat for that casual, all the way up to formal look, the fedora hat is the perfect choice. With the most common colors of blacks and browns, they are complimented by an assortment of different materials to ensure you end up with the fedora that was meant for you. If you prefer the brim to pop out longer in the front with the traditional fedora style, we recommend you check out trilby hats, as they are also very popular.


Hanging out at your local pub or just going out on the town? Our selection of Ivy caps and newsboys caps are some of the most comfortable and modern looking hats that can be found anywhere. We carry the highly sought after plaid styles to single-colored caps, along with the right amount of assortment for materials, including wool, cotton and polyester. Wool caps seem to be the most popular choice.


Typically catered for women, wide brim hats are the perfect accessory for summertime wear. Whether you plan on taking a trip down to the beach or even going for a long hike, these hats help keep that sun out of your eyes and keeps you motivated to continue your activity. Bretton hats are also a wide brim hat that has a more traditional look. Also, wide brim hats can also refer to other type hats where the brim of the hat is over 3 inches wide. This can be seen in fedoras, cowboy hats and even safari hats.


Since 1865, Stetson has been crafting incredible hat wear every man and woman desires, and when it comes to America’s favorite hat manufacturer, Stetson tops the list. Their famous “Boss of the Plains” hat defined what it meant to be an American cowboy, and they’ve been a fashion innovator ever since. Today Stetson Hats lend their hand to many styles from the flat cap and fedora, to the bowler and boater hat. If you’ve found a hat you love, or know someone who does, it’s probably a Stetson hat.