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Boardwalk Empire Hats

A good hat delivers instant character. Costume designers recognize this when they’re putting together television shows and films. The masterminds behind the HBO hit “Boardwalk Empire” took no shortcuts when it came to putting together the ensembles for the cast members. They scoured art and fashion libraries, vintage clothing shops and costume warehouses to come up with authentic looks for the characters.

Dunn, who also designed the costumes for the first episode of Mad Men, used genuine hat styles from the 1920s and 1930s to depict characters from Prohibition and Great Depression eras. Many of the hats were custom made to be accurate for the period.

In the roaring ‘20s, hats were illustrative of social class. Today, you can get away with wearing whatever looks good on your head. While the fedora is universally flattering, other Boardwalk Empire hats will make you feel just as powerful and look stylish.