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A delicate embellishment, a swirling pattern, a ruffled-edge — sometimes a decidedly feminine hat proffers the perfect accent to a woman’s ensemble. It lends a dainty flourish to a tailored look, an aura of elegance to an otherwise mundane outfit. Yet the beauty of such hats is not merely in its stylish presentation. Perhaps superseding fashion, the real worth of a fabulous hat may well be in its emotional impact on the wearer. In short, a fabulous hat makes a woman feel beautiful.

There's a confidence that a woman exudes in a pretty, flattering hat that is unmatched by virtually any other accessory. Adding to the allure, as hat aficionados know, is the array of styles and adornments, making the collecting of lovely hats half the pleasure. From cloche hats that highlight a woman's face to wide-brim hats brimming with charm, Callanan Hats offer that confidence-boosting cachet.