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A little luxury is a wonderful element. Adding a dash of refinement, a splash of opulence, even a sprinkle of gentility, a single luxurious piece can be as much a sensory delight as it is a fashion statement. Nowhere is this more evident than in the poshness of a dress hat. As the finishing touch on fine apparel, dress hats, particularly those designed of fur felt, are among the most sumptuous accessories, heightening the elegance of the overall sartorial presentation. In short, these hats have panache.

From trilby hats and bowlers to top hats, their inimitable style makes these hats accessible to all men. For the man whose fashion history includes a hat as part of his signature style as well as the one who only dons a hat on special occasions, a dress hat is an essential accent to fine dress and a mark of distinction on casual wear, amplifying his individuality. Christy’s Hats of London, at once stylish and representative of a man’s personal style, facilitate his selection of this fashion essential. Indeed, each offers a distinctly different but equally polished effect.