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Classic Hats

The cut, the style and, always, the distinctive silhouette are key ingredients in any classic. Creating a singular look, these elements coalesce to form excellence, making it readily apparent that a particular design is unlike any other. In a classic hat, these qualities easily supersede the whims of fashion and the impediments of age and era to set a timeless standard of their own. It requires no explanation of its purpose nor any reason for its presence. In short, a classic hat has stature. As such, this hat also has swagger. So does the man who selects one.

You see, a classic hat’s singular look epitomizes the personality, the charm, even the lifestyle of the man who wears it. More than a mere hat, it is a definitive accessory that complements the man, an act that he reciprocates. After all, not just any man wears a cowboy hat, for instance. Nor does every man select a fedora or a homburg hat. Each a uniquely different style, suited to a specific kind of man, these classics — just a few among many — are intricately linked with the wearer, often becoming a signature element of his style. Indeed, while a man may own more than one hat style, reflecting his multifaceted life and the many aspects of who he is, he wears only one classic.

Underscoring this close relationship between men and their classic hats, we present several types of men who just happen to align with specific hat styles. Since this is worth considering the next time you are in a hat store, which classic are you?