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Hats are so much more than mere head coverings. Serving as shade from the sun, they offer a cool shield from the intensity of summer’s heat and warmth in wintry climes. Of course, as an accompaniment to any clothing — whether athletic wear or breezy summer attire — a hat is the de rigueur accessory for those who participate in outdoor sports as well as for those who simply enjoy strolling about town.

That’s why Dorfman Pacific offers such a wide range of hats. From sun hats to golf hats, these hats grace men and women alike with good looks in whatever activities they pursue. An adept blend of necessary function and ultimate style, Dorfman Pacific Hats have become as intrinsic to outdoor life as the change of seasons.

Indeed, with the company’s extensive line of hats, which also includes Scala Hats, finding several for each season is easy: