Fedora Hat – How To Wear Guide

When considering how to wear a fedora hat, there are a few rules you must keep in mind. If you wear the hat at an inappropriate event or with the wrong clothes, you’ll present the image of a weirdo. And no one likes a weirdo.

Fedora Hat – Think Classy

First and foremost: a fedora is a dressy hat. It is smart and fashionable, something that screams style and “I have good taste.” Don’t let them think otherwise by wearing it any other way.

It looks best when paired with a suit and tie. Fancy dinner parties and weddings are great occasions, but avoid anything too serious like a funeral, as a fedora is simply out of place.

Fedora Hat worn CASUALLY

Is it ever appropriate to wear a fedora casually? Generally no. Don’t wear a timeless wool Frank Sinatra style fedora with a t-shirt. You’ll look like you live in your mother’s basement and eat potato chips for lunch. Don’t do that.

However, like all rules, this too can be broken, but only in good judgement. Fedoras can be downright trend-setting if worn with the right pair of jeans. As long as the outfit is forward thinking enough and the clothes fit well, then go ahead and add a blazer, as anything with a collar is a smart move.

Fedora Hat Styles

Fedoras come in many variations. They can be made of wool, felt, or straw. Depending how you dress, what the occasion is, and generally the climate, all determine what style will fit you best. If traveling to a warmer destination or for those steamy summer months, a straw fedora hat is an excellent choice. It will leave your head cooler and ensure you don’t overheat. Inversely, if you frequent chillier states or need a dressy winter hat, a wool fedora hat will do the job just fine.

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