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Dress Hats for Men & Women

Opulent weddings, stately black-tie affairs, an elaborate tea party — gala events bring out the very best in formal finery, providing wonderful opportunities to don dress hats as well. Adding that extra touch of refinement to classy attire, a formal hat enhances the overall look. At once a note of gentility and a fresh bit of frivolity, it accents dressy ensembles in ways that no other accessory comes close to offering. That’s why, for those who are always impeccably dressed as well as those who just enjoy looking sensational on special occasions, a formal hat is the piece de resistance that is never left out.

It’s the chicness of the styles, the richness of the range of hues and the lavishness of the embellishments that make these fancy hats both a popular and a sophisticated choice. From diminutive fascinator hats for women, festooned with flamboyant feathers and delicate veils, to dashing felt dress hats for men, perhaps worn with a seductive tilt, these formal hats are a nod to the singular taste of the wearers. Indeed, more than being an essential component of formal wear for the well-dressed person, a formal hat is part of an extensive collection for hat lovers and a wink at fashion for those who take pride in personalizing their style.

What’s more, while top hats once were the standard choice for formal wear, and still retain their place as the hat design most closely associated with formal hats, the variety of men’s dress hats as well as ladies dress hats expands the choices for contemporary shoppers for dress hats for sale.