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Greek Fisherman Hats

Greek Fisherman Hats

The Greek sailor hat, one of the most unique and iconic hats for those seaside dwellers, is a must-have for spending time of the boat or simply strolling up and down on the beach. We have styles including the classic black and while style captain’s cap, with a nautical embroidery on the top of the hat to the gold cord and leaves on the brim, to more casual styles that can be worn almost anywhere.

Did you know this style of hat is also known as a fiddler cap, which can closely resemble the classic Breton hat or Maciejówka caps? The design of the Greek Fisherman cap are decorated with band and contains a short brim pointing down. John Lennon was also known for wearing this style hat, which helped its popularity grow. Not only popular for Men, but Gwen Stefani has also been seen wearing a black Greek sailor cap.

Please take a moment to dock and browse our selection of Greek fisherman hats for sale.

It’s all about the Salt Life

Maybe the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island would even agree today that the skipper hat should continue to be worn with pride and now has more of a fashionable sense like never before. This hat style commands a certain flair that only boaters & salt-lifers can truly understand. The fiddler hat is like having a very desirable removable tattoo, for when those that see you, understand you love the seaside and everything about it.

Not Just for Men – Women Wanted

The Greek fisherman’s hat has set sail toward a staple for women’s fashion. Seductive and sharp, these hats have been shipped all over the world and even parts of California and New York City. Black hats seem to compliment many metro-casual outfits, following a scarf and purse to boot. For the men, don’t forget your significant other looks hot as hell in that hat. It may be time to buy her a couple to try on to match that outfit.

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