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Hats For Church

If you go to church, you might notice that many men and women in the congregation wear hats to and from the service. It is written in the bible that women are expected to cover their heads when they go to church. While etiquette requires that males take their hats off inside, guidelines for ladies are much more lenient.

Hats for church range from black and understated to sweepingly bold. In the early 1900s, many women only left the house to attend church. They took advantage of the occasion to wear their brightest, most decorative head pieces. Dressing up was also a way to show respect and honor tradition. As time went on, eye-catching crowns became a staple at Sunday services throughout the South.

Whether you attend church or want to look elegant and stay out of the sun during brunch, you’ll find a variety of inexpensive hats for sale on our website.