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Hats For Sun Protection

Hats For Sun Protection

Today you really need to be cautious when going out in the sun. Intense UV rays can damage skin and even cause skin cancer. That's why these sun hats are really designed for sun protection and becoming such a popular fashion item. While not a new innovation by any means—the sun hat has been around for as long as people have gone to the beach, but they have advanced quite a bit over the years. Today, you may hardly recognize them as sun hats.

Modern sun hats provide more than shade from the sun's rays. They also provide a level of fashion you’ve become accustomed to and now expect in any hat you want to wear everyday. They are so fashionable that you probably won't even call your favorites a sun hat at all. They will simply be another one of your favorite summer hats.

You really can’t step out onto the beach or poolside deck without seeing many different kinds of wide brimmed sun hats. There's the classy woven straw, wrap-around styles and many more. Nonetheless, sun blocking hats aren’t just for showing off on the sand. Men and women can wear different styles of hats to the park, pool, work, festival, lunch date, church and sporting event. We have both mens and womens sun hats.

There aren’t many rules for sun hats. In fact, they’re not even limited to the summer season. Wear them everywhere, at any time of year. Sure, some materials are better geared toward certain types of weather, but it all comes down to your comfort level and ability to carry off the style.

Lightweight, woven hats can be broken out in the spring and worn until Thanksgiving. Straw hat season used to run from May 15 to September 15. Whether or not you’re a fashion maven, you can push those limits. Upgrade your style with fun hats in just about any shape under... well, under the sun!

Sun Hats and UV Ray Protection

Anytime you’re outdoors, you are exposed to UV radiation. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays can damage your skin and increase your risk of developing lines and wrinkles. In addition to slathering on the SPF lotion, you can pop a hat on top of your head to protect you from the sun’s harmful radiation.

A floppy sun hat with a full brim gives you 360-degree protection. Sun body hats safeguard your neck, ears, face and shoulders from sunburn. Plus, they keep you cool. Your only challenge is deciding what style of hat to get.

A neutral, solid color matches any prints or patterns. However, you don’t have to worry about matching. Wearing bright tones and bold prints can make you look like you have effortless style.

Hats for Working Outdoors in the Sun

We can make a strong case for the need to wear a hat when you work outdoors. You’ll be grateful for a hat if you spend long hours under the sky. You don’t even have to trade in style for practicality. Cheap sun hats can be stylish even if you’re relying on them for function over fashion.

Work hats for sun should fit you well and stay on your head as you move around. Chin straps can keep hats securely fastened when you’re working against gravity or in strong winds. For people who work in calmer conditions, bucket hats without a chin strap might do the job.

If you’re wearing a hat in the sun, you should also prepare for rain. Waterproof hats can help you get outside no matter what the weather.

Recreational Hats

Have you ever gone to an outdoor sporting event only to find yourself squinting uncomfortably under the sun’s glare? Whether you’re playing or spectating, you can benefit from the shade provided by brims or visors.

Sometimes, a brim can block your peripheral vision. We sell a variety of styles and sizes so that you can find the ideal hat for your sport.

A hat with a covered crown can prevent the sun from beating down on you. On a breezy day, a visor that exposes your dome can keep you feeling cool. Whether you wear them for golf or fishing, recreational hats can be strong conversation starters or subtle additions to your gear.

Seasonal Hats for Sun Protection

You might wonder which hats are best for each season. Scala hats are available in a variety of materials and fabrics. Winter usually calls for a thicker material, like felt or leather. Summer hats tend to be thinner and more loosely woven than cold-weather coverings. Anything goes for spring and fall.

Does that mean that you can wear a white hat after Labor Day? Absolutely. Crisp white wears well with autumn tones, like navy, burgundy, brown and gray. It also looks ideal with a winter-white wardrobe.

You’re not immune to the sun in the winter unless you hibernate from December to March. You may want to block the glare when you’re driving or protect your face while you’re on a cold-weather hike. A knitted hat without a brim might not cut it. The reflection from the snow may encourage you to pick out a wide-brimmed hat to go with your scarf and gloves.

When you hang your hat next to your keys, you’ll find yourself reaching for it every time you head out the door. A collapsible hat can be stowed away in your purse or car so that you never find yourself without it. Whether you have a big head, need a packable vacation hat or want something to complement every outfit, you can find it here.

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