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Indiana Jones Hats

The fedora that Harrison Ford wore in the Indiana Jones movies may be the most recognizable hat in the world. The creators of the films designed it that way. They wanted a hat that would be instantly identifiable even if it was just seen as a darkened silhouette.

Indiana Jones hats official measurements feature a 5.5-inch crown, a 2.75-inch brim at the front and back and a 1.5-inch ribbon decorating the base of the crown. Although many people think that the hat was made of leather, it was actually constructed from rabbit in the first three movies.

A variety of official hats were used, but they all gave off the same vibe. Indiana Jones hats represent adventure. They’re reminiscent of something that you’d wear in the Australian Outback. They’re like a cowboy hat without the distinctive Western detailing. They’ve been made by Dorfman Pacific, the Bollman Hat Company and Stetson. These hats juxtapose ruggedness with charming elegance.