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Mens Beach Hats

Summer is here and that means time for relaxing, enjoying friends and family, and heading to the beach! We’ve got you covered with hats perfect for a day of sun and fun at the seashore. Our Mens beach hats have incredible style that complements any summertime wardrobe—whether it is flip flops, jean shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, or a lightweight linen suit.

Designed with a superior style they add another element to your look that is fun, fashionable and just right for the seaside. They are simply a cut above the rest, and we have all types of hats for the beach.

Our beach hats are ideal for men who want to enjoy some time relaxing. They offer shade and sun protection while giving you a style that’s noticeably cooler than those floppy brim sun hats you might find at the bargain store. These beach hats can be equally at home in the cabana, boardwalk, beach bar or the club. You simply have more fun because your style game will be rocking all day and into the night!

We have them in all sorts of materials and styles. The most popular hats for the beach are the straw fedoras by far. These lightweight, cool and breathable hats give your adequate shade to keep you cool in the sun. They also look great too! Wear these hats with your summer clothes—whether you are wearing jeans shorts and a shirt or a lighter suit. They complement everything.

Take a look at the Tate straw fedora made by Stetson—its one of our most authentic and stylish beach hats. Perfect for a stroll by the seashore or relaxing with friends later at your favorite seaside restaurant. The style adds a complement to any outfit. Another option is the Toledo natural straw beach hat. Ideal for fancier dress, it is lightweight and the two-tone design really makes your stand out.

We also have more classic options like our straw boater hats. The retro hat gives your style a touch of class and distinction that will set you apart at the yacht club.

Get yourself ready for the beach this summer with these high quality beach hats for men!