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Dashing, distinctive and, in many ways, quite debonair, men’s hats have a cachet that extends far back, back to that genteel time when no gentlemen stepped out without one. Representing social status and lifestyle in that era as well as individual taste, a man’s hat was then an indication of the man himself. Indeed, a hat often spoke quite eloquently of that man’s standing in society.

Now, while the role of men’s hats as a necessary aspect of daily attire may have lessened, nothing has diminished their sartorial power. Beyond the individual styles, it’s the tilt of the hat, the way it’s worn and, always, the swagger that a hat seems to elicit from the wearer that gives men’s hats their staying power. Succinctly put, hats for men are cool.

Part of their fashion strength lies in the variety of styles. From the seasonal fare of men’s summer hats and men’s winter hats to the personalized selections of men’s fedora hats and men’s flat caps, among many others, the range of styles means that a flattering hat is available to any man. What’s more, for every leisure pursuit, from golf to boating, there’s a great hat to accompany the attire. They add flair to any look and virtually any venue, running the gamut from business affairs and elegant weddings to sports events and weekend outings, catering to men with a sense of style and the self-assurance to display it.

Proving this point, we provide an overview of some of our diverse types of men’s hats. Beginning with those for winter, we segue into summer hats and round out our summary with a few men’s dress hats.