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Outdoor Hats

Hats always make a big fashion impact. Adding a dash of panache, a sprinkle of sophistication, a touch of whimsy — just to name a few of hats’ transformative features — they are the one accessory that can completely change the aesthetics of a look, taking it from nice but unremarkable to so extraordinary as to provoke both admiring glances and compliments for both the hat and the wearer. What’s more, hats are the accessory that also serve a purpose, providing protection from various elements, depending upon the season.

Combining both the visual appeal and the protective function, outdoor hats are the staples of a hat collection. With the season as the determining factor as to the protection, hats for the outdoors provide shade from the sun during summer, for instance, as well as warmth during the winter. This accounts for the many different materials used. What’s more, outdoor hats suit a myriad of venues for which a hat is desirable.

From golf and boating in the summertime to the snow sports of skiing and ice skating, there’s a hat that enhances the experience and looks good doing so. To underscore this point, consider the variety of outdoor hats for both of these seasons.