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Panama Hats

Cool, crisp and ever so suave, traditional Panama hats are a courtly nod to the era when straw hats first became fashionable summer wear for sophisticated gentleman. Embodying that yesteryear refinement in a decidedly contemporary way, the Panama hat adds a dash of sartorial personality to tailored suits and casual looks alike. It’s their inimitable ability to grace anything paired with them with an extra measure of elegance that gives Panama hats modern flair as well. Lightweight and light hued, often constructed with ventilated crowns, these hats redefine cool in every sense of the word.

On one level, for instance, the Panama straw hat quite ably shades the wearer from the sun while also providing a reprieve from the intense heat of the day, which may well explain why it’s the trendy choice for cool comfort. Taking coolness to a completely different level, this summer hat’s debonair charm elevates it to the epitome of cool style. In short, this hat rocks.