Sherlock Holmes Hats
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Sherlock Holmes Hats

You know this hat. With its dome-shaped crown and side flaps that are often tied with a black grosgrain ribbon atop the hat, as well as bills front and back, the Sherlock Holmes hat is instantly recognizable. In fact, it’s so closely associated with illustrations of that fictional detective that this hat’s well-known moniker is derived from the character, making this cap the prototype for detectives’ headgear.

Originally called a deerstalker hat, it was designed for deer hunters — hence, the name — and retains its popularity in rural areas today. Yet this hat has no “country mouse” status as it is equally popular in the city, paired with a suit and trench coat for business or with the casual look of tweed jackets partnered with jeans or khakis anytime.

It’s that versatility that has given this hat its enduring style, making it a classic. Perhaps this explains its place as a longtime favorite among celebrities, from Paul McCartney to Michael Jackson, just to name a few, as well as being one of the go-to choices of the everyday man. Highlighting all of this are elements that may inspire your own Sherlock Holmes style.