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Straw Hats

Luxury Straw Summer Hats

Sunny days, tropical islands and lemonade... those are the best parts of Summer, and there's no better way to enjoy it all then wearing one of our stylish straw hats. Woven from the best straw available including natural seagrass, paper braids, toyo and yes the fine toquilla straw of the Panama hat, these are a designer option that guaranteed to keep your looking and feeling cooler in the hot weather.

While they’re essential for a summer wardrobe remember you don’t have to only wear them at the beach or seaside. These designer straw hats are something to wear everywhere not only because they have such a unique style and bohemian vibe that rings true inland, but because they breath and keep you cool in the hotter temperatures. At a restaurant, coffee shop, out shopping—wherver you go bring your favorite accessory. Straw hats are the perfect way to dress up denim, corduroy or cotton in the summertime.