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Wide Brim Hats

Wide Brim Hats

All hats listed have a minimum of a 3 inch brim. From cute Bretton hats to fashionable straw fedoras, this summer's headwear trends are as much about style as they are about staying protected from the sun. Wide brim hats are particularly popular going into this summer season thanks to their ability to bring both fashion and function to an outfit. No matter your style preferences, you'll find that wide brim sun hats are a perfect wardrobe choice. Available in an array of styles and colors, these versatile hats let you show off your carefree spirit while protecting your skin from the hot summer sun.

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Wide Brim Hats for Every Summer Need

In addition to offering the best in sun protection, women's wide brim hats also offer tons of styling options. You'll find hats that encompass everything from casual and bohemian to classic and refined. Whether it's a day on the links or a late-night beach bonfire, there's a style in this family of hats that is perfectly suited to the occasion. With their wide-brimmed profiles, these hats never fail when it comes to protection from the elements either.

If you're looking for a style ideal for a day in the surf and sand, look to wide brim beach hats. Generally crafted from straw or raffia, these hats provide great protection for your face, neck and shoulders without weighing you down. Their light, natural colors are conducive to combatting the sun's rays too. If you love wide brim beach hats and want to show off a retro look, opt for a lifeguard style. Wide brim floppy hats are also very popular among beachgoers.

In fact, floppy hats are one of the most popular of all women's wide brim hats available. Featuring floppy brims and adorned hatbands, these styles are perfect for lounging or enjoying lunch in the open air. Generally made from cotton or light-weight felt, these hats offer total protection from the sun while making a Hollywood-ready style statement too. Wide brim floppy hats in rich, dark colors offer an easy way to add a grounding element to an otherwise airy summer outfit.

Wide brim golf hats offer a subtly elegant twist on the summer sun hat trend. Classic Bretton hats with fashionable bands are a perfect choice for an elegant summer event or an outdoors evening wedding. Corals, violets, blues and pinks are particularly popular summer colors. If you're looking for a classic and upscale twist on wide brim golf hats, consider fedoras. Available in straw and raffia styles, these hats offer good sun protection and excellent fashion value.