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Wool Fedoras

Everyone knows the classiest, designer fedora hats are made of wool felt. But did you know that all wool fedoras are not made of the same material? It’s true. Many hat buyers fail to realize wool hats are not all the same–because all wools are not the same!

The Benefit of Wearing a Genuine Wool Fedora

The wool fedora is probably the most popular and distinctive hat around. Fedora's have been made from wool since the beginning, back in the late 1800’s when they became so popular. Felt is an ideal material for hat making because it shapes easily and has a classy style. It's really unmatched by any other type of hat material. Cloth and other woven fabrics just don’t have the same distinguished, high-class texture that they have—and there is nothing better than 100% authentic and genuine fiber.

While felts can be made from any number of fibers, genuine wool felt is really one of the best. The consistency and softness that man-made fibers can not replicate, and a blend or mixture breaks up that consistency. The luxurious look stands true to form when paired up with your jacket. It's hard to imitate.

So, when your look requires the most sophisticated fedora available, settle for nothing less than a completely genuine wool fedora.

Yes, there's nothing quite like the look of a wool fedora. It complements a suit perfectly because they are made of the same fiber. Not only do the colors match but the surfaces do as well. That's why these hats are such a popular choice. They give you a completely sophisticated look from head to toe when you need to look your best.