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Woolrich Hats

The warmth of winter hats cannot be underestimated nor overstated. After all, they are essential when temperatures plummet and winds begin to howl. However, as any fashion connoisseur knows, there’s more to hat selection than mere seasonal comfort. Succinctly put, looks matter.

Presenting a challenge to men and women alike as they peruse winter hats for sale, both warmth and style often prove to be rather elusive when seeking the two qualities in one hat. While wool hats are a foolproof selection for cozy comfort, those ubiquitous hats with the pompoms atop them somehow lack the gravitas for work as well as the relaxed charm for casual wear anywhere aside from ski slopes.

This is where Woolrich Hats comes in. Offering a variety of designs suitable for everyone, from the businessman who seeks an appropriate hat to wear to the office to the weekender who wants warmth in a fun style, these wool hats offer consummate style along with a good deal of coziness — without the pompoms.