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1920s Hats

The 1920s brought a wave of new fashion and excitement—enough to earn the nickname the "Roaring Twenties." But of all the things the 20s era brought us, we love 1920s hats the most, of course.

What Hats Were Worn Most in the 1920s?

There were many types of hats worn in the 1920s but the ones worn most include the beret, cloche, newsboy, pork pie and fedora. The styles were all highly fashionable, sharp, debonair and as some thought precocious. But they were free-spirited times and the hats only elevated that sense of freedom with a designer's touch. It was the age of art, self-expression and fun. So, people wanted to look their best.

For the ladies, bucket hats, the cloche, beret and colorful floppy wide brims were all the rage. These hats adorned just about everyone who frequented the clubs and upscale events. They complemented the days fashions.

For the men the fedora dominated the scene but many guys wore the boater hat, pork pie hats and deerstalkers. Each one was elegant but functional. They were all among the most popular hats of the 1920s.

Enjoy our range of styles and designs from this era. It's a unique and highly fashionable time in our history that should be celebrated.

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